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Take a Multidimensional Approach to Hiring.

In today's highly competitive job market, accounting and finance professionals are being more selective about where they work, and hiring and retaining top talent requires a more comprehensive approach. Our 2015 Accounting and Finance Salary Guide is an invaluable tool that can give you an edge in this environment. The guide includes detailed salary data for finance, accounting, middle management and executive-level professionals.

Our salary guide gives you confidence that your offers will align with the average salaries in your local area as well as with the expectations of top professionals.

Salary Data For Your Market

Our guide features the most accurate, up-to-date salary data for a variety of positions in the finance and accounting fields. Salaries can be vastly different between regions, states and even cities, so we provide variances for over 70 key metro markets. This gives you the ability to customize the data to find the most precise salaries for your organization.

Visit our 2015 Salary Guide Resource Center after you request your guide!

Fill out the form above to request your copy of our 2015 Salary Guide. Then visit our Salary Guide Resource Center for instant access to job descriptions from the guide, interviews with five real candidates, infographics on salary trends, and more! We'll be regularly updating the Resource Center with new content, so be sure to check back frequently!

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Confidence in numbers

Our accounting and finance salary figures are based on national averages from top companies – small, medium and large – throughout the U.S.. The information is further validated by combining it with our proprietary internal data gathered from each Parker + Lynch branch. This data is based on what real companies pay real accounting and finance professionals – not on public sources or one-size-fits-all calculators.

Compensation trends

To get employees to accept your offers and stay with your company, you need to understand more than their salaries. Today’s top professionals are seeking opportunities for growth, appealing bonus structures and work/life balance benefits. Our guide contains survey data and insights into what employees are looking for, to give you a well-rounded perspective and help you develop more effective recruitment and retention strategies.

Where to look

How do you get the word out about an open position? With technological advancements, and social media, there are now more effective, agile ways to hire. Our guide contains information on where and how to recruit top talent in today’s ever-changing environment.

Top jobs and roles

Our 2015 Salary Guide highlights the fastest growing accounting and finance jobs and provides over 100 job descriptions. This allows you to align your needs with the appropriate job title to find the professionals you really need.

Remember, it's a candidate-driven market out there, so make sure your compensation packages and hiring practices align with industry standards.

Request your guide today to gain a 360° look at today's accounting and finance trends and salaries. Visit our Salary Guide Resource Center after you request your copy!

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Request your copy of our 2015 Salary Guide today to gain a 360° look at today's accounting and finance trends and salaries, and take a multidimensional approach to hiring and retaining top talent.

The 2014 Salary Guide for Accounting + Finance Professionals

Alignment — between talent and opportunity, skills and challenges, prudence and potential — is the key to building a great accounting and finance workforce. However, with the economy in the midst of recovery and employee turnover picking up across industries, it’s also important to align today’s economic realities with employee salary expectations. Our 2014 Salary Guide can help.

Get the facts on today's salary figures.

When searching for accounting and finance staffing, you want experts in their fields. Our guide can make you an expert on compensation. It features the most expansive and accurate collection of salary and compensation data for thous-
ands of today's most critical accounting and finance positions. This data includes average salary range (low, high and average), average salary by company size (small, medium and large), and total cash compensation range (low, high and average).

Our financial facts are proven.

You can feel confident in our numbers, as all of the information in our guide is based on real, verifiable hiring and salary metrics from our nationwide branch network, as well as national averages provided by CareerBliss. Other salary guides and calculators are built on government data and public sources, which tend to be inaccurate and behind the times.

Learn about income in your area.

With variance calculators for 70 major cities throughout the country, you can calculate salaries for your specific offices, no matter how many there are or where they are located.

Get our expert outlook on income.

See the results of our careful analysis of BLS data, internal surveys and the latest market trends to find out where income is headed.

The Parker + Lynch Salary Guide can give you the insight you need to achieve alignment at the negotiating table and recruit and retain the talented accounting and finance professionals you need.

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