2018 Legal Salary Guide

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What’s in our legal salary guide?

  • Local Salary data

    See the latest salary figures that are specific to your local market.

  • Detailed Job Descriptions

    Know the updated roles and responsibilities of high-level professionals.

  • Industry insights

    Read about the latest labor market trends that could affect your department or firm.

How will you benefit?

  • Know the salaries that experienced, talented legal professionals expect.
  • Be able to clearly convey the roles of your top employees.
  • Equip your team with hiring confidence and expertise.
  • Improve your hiring, retention and workforce planning efforts in 2018.

"No, there’s not exactly a shortage of lawyers, but to hire the best candidates, and to surround them with a great legal support staff, is difficult. We’ve relied on Parker Lynch’s Salary Guide for the last few years to make sure our salaries match expectations."

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Why do you need a salary guide?

To get the knowledge and accurate salary data that will ensure you hire and retain the best-fitting, high-level talent.