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    Columbus, Ohio
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    Accounting & Finance - Accountant - Financial
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    Direct Hire
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Executive Vice President – Operations and Strategy


Senior Managers of Finance and Enterprise Analytics Solutions


The role of the Vice President of Finance/CFO is to lead, motivate, inspire and direct the finance staff and create successful partnerships with internal and external resources. Coordination and collaboration with all executive leadership and top management as customers of the role is essential. The role is a key advisor to executives and managers regarding strategic and financial trends and issues. The role must continually demonstrate credibility by matching words and actions, effective listening, and an engage problem solver of strategy and finance issues.

Additionally the role of the Vice President of Finance/CFO will also ensure that the credit union succeeds based on its people, with a primary orientation of planning, developing and executing finance/process improvement strategies and tactics supportive of the cooperative goals and objectives. This is accomplished through collaboration, development and retention of talented professionals, and the effective management of processes and systems. As a mission-driven organization, the role leads all aspects of Finance, strategy and tactics in alignment with the people- and member-centric organization.

The Vice President - Finance reports to the Executive Vice President – Operations and Strategy, but more critically, partners with other Vice Presidents of cross functional business units on issues of strategy, tactics, and execution necessary to execute and carry out enterprise priorities and objectives.

Our Mission
To provide for the well-being of our Members. People matter! The Member is at the heart of all we do.

Our Values
Membership, Service, Integrity, Community and Education


Culture and Leadership

  • Demonstrate leadership standards through support for our culture, values, and behavioral expectations.
  • Serve as a thought leader while collaborating with business colleagues to achieve organizational objectives.
  • Build and nurture strong relationships in order to influence desired outcomes and achieve organizational goals.
  • Build and nurture a culture of organizational maturation and growth, one that values continuous improvement of business processes, thereby boosting execution, effectiveness, and ability to scale to successfully meet member expectations.
  • Create a climate in which people apply new skills and accrue new responsibilities, thus perpetually reinventing their jobs.
  • Commit to individual professional growth and development, as well as, for all Finance colleagues.
  • Continuously display behavioral standards described below to exemplify and promote culture.

Strategic Initiatives and Organizational Planning

  • Provide executive-level oversight and direction to issues of financial performance, strategic planning, risk management, and viability and ensures financial safety and soundness to optimize our net worth ratio to support the company mission.
  • Assist the EVP – Operations and Strategy in the annual strategic priorities planning process.
  • Provide direction and oversee the management and coordination of the preparation of the annual operating plan/budget in collaboration with executive management, the ALCO and Board.
  • Promote a culture of continuous process improvement.
  • Establish vision and strategy of Finance in alignment with and to support organizational needs.
  • Maintain succession plans for critical positions, and ensure critical talent/skills are identified and in place to support organizational growth and needs.


  • Ensure the timely, accurate and consistent completion of all financial, management and regulatory reports according to Board, management and regulatory expectations.
  • Maintain the integrity of all Accounting Operations and Financial Reporting systems and functions.
  • Prioritize and assure process improvement projects are completed timely and achieve project deliverables.
  • Ensure the credit union is in compliance with the federal laws and regulations set forth by the National Credit Union Administration and other regulatory agencies with respect to safety and soundness.
  • Position the organization as a corporate role model within its marketplace, ensuring all business strategies and practices comply with law both technically and in spirit, and reflect appropriate social responsibility.


  • Actively seek and establish relationships with strategic business partners and allies through which the organization’s size and competitive position within its marketplace can be effectively leveraged, thereby strengthening the depth of its relationships with members.
  • Though primarily focused internally, as time and resources permit, participates in Significant Employer Group events and serves on boards of community organizations in order to strengthen awareness and positively influence public perception of credit unions and to accrue public relations benefits for the Credit Union.
  • Adhere to all company policies, procedures and business ethics codes.
  • Maintain strict adherence and compliance to all laws, rules, regulations and internal controls specific to your role, including but not limited to Bank Secrecy Act, Anti-Money Laundering, USA Patriot Act, OFAC and Fair Lending regulations.
  • Complete required regulatory training as assigned.


  • Willing to make difficult decisions for the welfare of the organization and to accept responsibility for such decisions;
  • Nurtures an organizational environment in which staff members are encouraged and have confidence to communicate to management problems or opportunities of any kind;
  • Is determined to attain and maintain the quickness and spirit of a small company which values all-hands involvement, egalitarianism, informality, market intimacy, daring, risk, speed, and agility;
  • Liberally delegates to and empowers others while paying attention to details;
  • Is action oriented, achieves objectives, gets things done while ensuring an intense focus on quality;
  • Maintains a relentless dissatisfaction with the status quo; relishes change, challenges things that aren’t broken, always keeping in mind members’ interests;
  • Focuses intently on creating an environment in which the brightest, the most creative, are attracted, retained, and unleashed to accomplish great things;
  • Honors core and cultural values (i.e., Membership, Integrity, Community, Education, Service, character, trust, self-discipline, individual dignity, etc.) but is flexible executing on them;
  • Displays optimism and enthusiasm, encourages staff at every opportunity;
  • Simplifies matters, rather than making them more complex, thereby adding to organizational speed;
  • Takes role and responsibility seriously, but not him/herself too seriously;
  • Is intolerant of bureaucracy, fosters trustworthy relationships, internal informality, and “hand-shake decisions.”

Leadership Competencies

Leading Self

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Compelling Communication
  • Executive Presence
  • Authenticity
  • Courage

Leading Others

  • Leading Change
  • Coaching and Developing Others
  • Energizing the Organization
  • Driving Innovation

Leading the Organization

  • Member Focused
  • Establishing Strategic Direction
  • Business Savvy




  • CPA and Bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting, finance, information technology, or other relevant field;
  • MBA strongly preferred;
  • 10+ years the following executive-level experience:
  • serving at least 5 years as a CFO (CU preferred);
  • setting strategy for and successfully leading an organization or corporate division of a mission-driven company that is substantial in size and resources (preferred $3B+);
  • in the financial services industry;
  • in-depth experience in finance, accounting, organizational effectiveness, risk management, leadership and supervision; and
  • ability to use experience to position the company for success.
  • Credit union experience strongly preferred;
  • Advanced knowledge of compliance with state and federal credit union laws and regulations;
  • Demonstrated creative and analytical capabilities;
  • Outstanding communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal abilities;
  • Demonstrated cultural competence (awareness, attitude, knowledge, willingness and skills to work effectively with diverse generational employee and member population);
  • Expert knowledge of principles and processes involved in business and organizational planning, coordination, and execution;
  • Exceptional judgment and analytical, decision-making skills; excellent financial management skills, and system analysis and evaluation skills;
  • Driven, fact-based, results-oriented and collaborative with a proven track record for leading, aligning, and managing teams against high-performance objectives;
  • Track record of coaching, mentoring, and motivating leadership team to peak performance; and
  • A passion for building and sustaining professional relationships internally and externally, with an emphasis on community and philanthropic support.