Big Data’s Big Shift In Finance

Optimize your big data strategy in the finance industry with tips from our white paper.

Big data can turn raw information into powerful, actionable insight, and our new white paper can give you all the insight you need to leverage it in your accounting and finance department.

Companies throughout the country and across all industries are investing in big data technologies like never before. According to a recent report by Gartner, Inc., 64 percent of organizations have already purchased or are planning to purchase big data analytics solutions – up from 58 percent a year ago. In total, big data accounted for approximately $34 billion of IT spending in 2013.

Whether you already have a big data solution in place or are contemplating getting one, it’s imperative to get the most out of your investment in the technology. To do that, you need to invest wisely in your workforce. Our new white paper can show how. Request Your Free Copy Now »

Unlock the full potential of your financial data.

Intelligent, accurate and actionable data can generate significant strategic advantages and provide answers to pressing business challenges. However, big data technology alone can’t generate anything more than numbers and new questions.

To get the most out of big data, it takes skilled professionals who understand all of the information being collected just as well as they do the technology that’s doing all of the collecting. This is especially true in the accounting and finance department, where thousands of financial data points are collected every day. In the hands of someone as skilled in technology as they are in financial analytics, all of this data can be used to examine the past, evaluate the present and set a course for the future.

In our white paper, we explore the specific accounting and finance professionals – and the specific skills – that are essential pushing big data beyond the technological limitations of collection and into the realm of consultation.

Other topics covered in this valuable report include:

  • How big data technology has changed in recent years
  • The impact of big data on finance and accounting
  • Why data alone isn’t enough to drive winning business results
  • And more!

Big data is only getting bigger. Find out how to get the most out of it with our free white paper, request your copy now.

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