Top 10 High-Level Accounting and Finance Jobs

The economy is firing on all cylinders, and the unemployment rate is hovering at record lows. Businesses looking for high-level accounting and finance talent are feeling the pressure. In this market, top talent has the upper hand.

We used our placement data to predict the top 10 in-demand, senior-level accounting and finance jobs for 2020. These positions are the most sought-after in the financial industry.

So, which roles made the list this year? What are the job descriptions? And what are the current salaries for these top accounting and finance jobs? Check out our top jobs below for more details.

1. Senior Accountant ($52,024 - $120,056)

Readies and maintains financial and business transactions, applying accounting principles, which include work that is analytical, evaluative and advisory in nature. 4-6 years of experience.

2. Financial Analyst ($47,016 - $176,888)

Analyzes past and present financial data of an organization and estimates future revenues and expenditures. 0-2 years of experience

3. Accounting Manager ($69,048 - $252,024)

Manages professional level accounting functions and the preparation of reports, including earnings, profits/losses, cash balances and cost accounting. At least 7 years of experience.

4. Controller ($77,048 - $248,000)

Directs and plans the preparation of reports that summarize and forecast company business activity and financial position in areas of income, expenses and earnings. At least 15 years of direct experience.

5. Finance Director ($85,048 - $312,056)

Directs and aids in financial analysis, evaluation and report generation activities of current and proposed financial plans. At least 10 years of experience.

6. Internal Audit Manager ($54,008 - $140,024)

Conducts reviews to identify financial and business risks and assesses compliance with regulations. Assists in the coordination and implementation of internal audits. 4-6 years of experience.

7. Internal Audit Director ($76,024 - $196,024)

Develops strategies and procedures for carrying out internal audits. Enforces compliance with company policies for risk assessment and financial controls. At least 10 years of accounting experience.

8. Chief Financial Officer ($120,056 - $481,741)

Directs and coordinates company’s financial affairs according to financial principles and government regulations, and establishes major economic objectives and policies for the company. At least 15 years of direct experience.

9. Financial Reporting Manager ($72,056 - $260,088)

Manages all Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) external reporting requirements, including preparation and filing of Form 10-K, 10-Q, Form 8-K, Proxy Statement and other periodic governmental reports. At least 7 years of experience.

10. Tax Manager ($72,056 - $265,208)

Manages department responsible for preparation of state, federal and local tax returns. At least 7 years of experience.


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