Gain a Multidimensional View of the Top Finance Jobs

For these top ten in-demand positions, employers need more than the numbers to find high-level finance professionals.

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Some of the Top Finance Jobs are The Most Competitive

The financial landscape is changing at a fast rate than ever before, making it imperative for potential employers to pin point the positions and professionals that impact their bottom line. Some of the most drastic economic changes are impacting the finance and accounting fields. New regulations, changes in compliance and public policy and tax implications are greatly impacted the way that accounting and finance professionals work – and the jobs that they chose. There are more millennials in the workforce than every before. This large group of entry-level graduates is looking for new positions as accounting or finance professionals. These professionals are being more selective in determining their career path and ultimate profession. We’ve tracked the trends and statistics that are impacting the finance and accounting fields and determined the positions that will be most highly sought after in 2015.

Going Beyond the Salary for High Paying Finance Jobs

The positions require a multidimensional professional, that posses intellectual insight, financial background and experience, as well as a positive outlook and desire for growth. Finding talent like this is competitive. Employers must offer candidates more than the next organization. Benefits now go beyond signing bonus and healthcare. Candidates are looking for incentives around work/life balance, recognition programs and the ability to give back to the community. Parker + Lynch helps prepare potential employers with the knowledge of what job seekers in today’s workforce are looking for in a career and organization.

Learn More with the 2015 Finance Salary Guide

Parker + Lynch provides detailed salary data, industry trends and hiring advice in our 2015 Salary Guide. Throughout the year, we monitor monthly economic and employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This data helps us to publish our monthly jobs reports, providing employment data specifically for the finance sector. This information is also included in our annual Salary Guide, the premier resource for finance trends, salary data and hiring insight. In this year’s guide, we break down finance salaries for hundreds of positions and share the figures based on:

  • Base salary by company size (small, medium and large)
  • Average base salary by low, average and high range
  • Total cash compensation by low, average and high range

We've scoured this year's guide to identify the top ten positions to look out for in 2015. Be prepared, know the data that will impact your organization in the coming year.