Top Legal Jobs in Demand for 2018 + Salary Ranges

Get familiar with the top 5 jobs in law firms and corporate (in-house) legal departments.

As the U.S. economy continues its steady growth, companies are investing in their workforces and unemployment is at a 44 year low. It’s prosperous for everyone. Or is it? What about legal professionals? It’s actually not quite the same, especially for young, aspiring lawyers. In fact, depending on geographic area and law school attended, the unemployment rate for new attorneys (a year or less out of law school) can be as high as 15, even 20%.

There is good news though. Experienced, specialized attorneys and legal support professionals are flourishing across corporate legal departments and law firms. Essentially, the higher legal professionals have moved up the ladder in their respective practice areas, the better their career prospects. As more Baby Boomer legal professionals retire each day, or at least scale back their hours, there are new opportunities for recent grads.

With all of that said, based on data from our branches and partners, here are the top 5 high-level legal jobs for 2018.

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