Consulting: aligning your high-priority projects with our senior-level professionals.

Today’s accounting and financial landscape is extremely competitive and constantly shifting, with new opportunities and different risks around every corner. At Parker + Lynch Consulting, we have the proven experience and ability to identify these shifts and stay one step ahead of them.

Our nationwide presence and extensive experience enable us to retain high-quality experts across the country. These accounting and finance professionals can travel to wherever the project takes them, allowing us to work with companies in smaller markets that otherwise might not have access to such specialized talent.

The first step is an in-depth, fact-finding meeting, where we take the time to learn the ins and outs of our clients’ businesses. We then connect our clients with the necessary interim executives and senior-level professionals. These connections are the types of leaders needed for critical and strategic project-based work.

We help leading organizations manage complex accounting issues, implement financial and reporting process improvements and find their competitive edge. Our consultants have conquered the kinds of challenges you’re facing now and have delivered the results you want.

Core Portfolio Offerings:

  • Staff augmentation. When your company is experiencing leadership change, we can place interim executives to make the transition smooth, including interim financial consultants, interim CFOs and interim CEOs.
  • Finance & accounting services. Our experts offer a wide range of specialized finance and accounting services to tackle any project.
  • Enterprise risk management. We can connect you with high-quality specialists who can navigate even the most complex regulatory reporting requirements, ensuring that your organization is in compliance.
  • Corporate performance management. Our skilled consultants can take your data and deliver strategic business solutions, including reporting enhancements and best practices implementation.
  • Business process management. Our specialists will perform a thorough assessment of your current processes and then implement the necessary steps to measure performance.
  • Expert project management. Our experienced project professionals are focused on providing guidance for your non-deliverable based work, like audit, SEC reporting, IFRS, XBRL and more.

In addition to accounting and finance, we also work in a variety of other industries, including:

  • Consumer products & electronics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Life sciences & healthcare
  • Real estate & construction
  • Distribution
  • Services companies
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing