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Accounting and Finance Staffing Services

Nobody can deliver financial results better than proven accounting and finance experts — and nobody can deliver these experts better than Parker + Lynch.

For more than 25 years, we've been aligning world-class organizations with superior accounting and finance talent. Our deep industry roots and even deeper industry experience, as well as our extensive network of top candidates, make us the definitive insider firm and the premier provider of accounting and finance staffing services in the country.

Align with Us

Find alignment throughout your organization.

In any role, and at any level of your company, proven experience can prove extremely valuable. That’s why we perform searches at three levels — executive, middle management and staff associate. Our clients rely on us for custom solutions to meet their needs, and we bring together our knowledge, expertise and responsiveness to form and maintain enduring relationships. See the types of accounting and finance jobs that we specialize in.

We know accounting and finance.

Our recruiters know what it takes to excel in the accounting and finance industry because many of them have industry experience themselves. This perspective allows us to cut through the fluff and zero in on the experience and skills that you really need quickly and effectively. We also leverage our hands-on experience and contacts within the industry to continually grow our network and forge strong relationships with elite candidates, giving us an expansive database of qualified, pre-screened candidates that you won’t find at other firms.

Accounting and finance thought leadership from established industry leaders.

In addition to aligning our clients with distinguished talent, we also help businesses maintain alignment with the latest regulations, best practices and strategies in accounting and finance. We do so through insightful white papers that provide proven solutions and strategic, actionable guidance. Download our free white papers and take an in-depth look at the critical issues facing you, your company and the accounting and finance industry today.

Placement is an art.

We view placement not as a process, but as an art — one that requires the proper alignment of talent with opportunity, experience with need, personality with environment, and aspirations with value. Thus, we take a creative and unique approach to deliver candidates who can, in turn, deliver unique value to your organization. See how we practice the art of placement for every hire.

Experience the difference of alignment.

While other firms can present you with resumes, we can present you with difference-makers — the true experts that you need to lead your accounting and finance teams forward.

The bottom line is that we can deliver the top-line talent that no other firm can. To find out more about our accounting and finance staffing services, contact us today.