Law Firm Associate Recruiting

Our law firm associate recruiters align leading firms with top-tier, game-changing associates—the types of associates who have experience at elite firms and who graduated in the top of their classes from the country’s best law schools. What can they do for you?

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  • Align with Top Firms

    Last year, the majority of attorneys we placed—43%—were in opportunities at AmLaw Firms.

  • Find Your Path to Partnership

    Thanks to our national scope, we’ve enabled 33% of our associate attorneys to relocate for opportunities around the country.

  • Access Exclusive Opportunities

    Nearly 70% of our associate placements in the past year were for unadvertised positions.

Let us help you align your skills with the needs of leading law firms; your experience with their expectations; your personality with their culture; your career goals with their business objectives. It’s what we do successfully, day in and day out, for leading law firms and top law firm associates. We specialize in the following positions:

  • Associate Attorneys
  • Staff Attorneys
  • Conflicts Attorneys
  • Patent Agents